• Everything for roll manufacturers and converters.

    Everything for roll manufacturers and converters.

    A homogeneous system for all processes in the roller world - COAGO MES for roll manufacturers, converters and for all those who work with rolls, web materials, formats and sheets.
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The integrated and homogeneous solution for your production, formulations, mother rolls, converting, packaging and shipping.

COAGO MES offers sophisticated modules for each phase of the entire value chain of roll manufacturing and converting:
Starting with mixing processes and formulations, alternative formulations and alternative raw materials to production processes of large rolls, mother rolls or tamboure and finishing with converting and refining.

COAGO MES provides a complete scope of modules for modern Manufacturing Execution Systems. This layer of modules is the link between MES- and established ERP- systems, but also a link to the machine level/PLC. All requirements for production and processes accompanying production are met by this layer. Business, machine, process and quality data is gathered and preprocessed. The MES-level supplies information to ERP and other exterior systems.

COAGO Modulstruktur

Description of the COAGO MES modules

  • Production and Processes +

    Goods Receipt | Mixing, Weighing, Dosing | Mother or Master Rolls, Tambour, Jumbo | Processing | Converting & Finishing | Packaging | Rework | Recycling | Quality Management | Multi-directional batch tracking, traceability | Logistics, transport control, Warehouse Management | Labeling instructions, barcodes | Production planning, detailed scheduling | Order preparations and review | Slit planning | Resource and machine review | Controlling, reporting, cockpit | Material availability check, Available To Promise (ATP) | Material reservation, e.g. jumbo reservation for coating | Specification management and control, e.g. machine settings, checklists, line clearance | Integrated documents, e.g. pictures, XLS, PDF, Word | Monitoring of adherence to schedules | Workflow management. Flags for e.g. idle times, releases flags, explicit and implicit QC-releases, handling of rework | Maintenance information planning and monitoring | Stress monitoring for the production resources or tools
  • Scheduling & Planning +

    Planning table with graphic planning board and visualisation as e.g. Gantt | Consideration of availability for resources and tools | Disposition and rooting | Dispatching and rescheduling of resources | Combination or splitting of orders or phases | Validation and plausibility checks with scheduling | Visualisation of order stacks at the machine terminal | Monitoring of adherence to schedules and re-scheduling | Material availability check (ATP) | ERP- and APS-interfaces | Allocation of rolls to several orders | Slit planning | Campaign planning | Planning of parallel ordersthat are running on the same machine
  • Controlling and Reporting +

    Implementing standardized reporting for production and QC | Clear definitions without room for interpretation, e.g. machine yield, waste, blocked materials, etc. | Variable parameterization of reports e.g. time period, shift (morning, afternoon, night) and shift team (A, B, C), machines and machine groups, product grades and groups, QC inspection characters | Visualization as chart or in tables | Embedding of reports in the application contexts, e.g. displaying the mass/material balance of the production order for the machine | Export as graphic or data type | Mass/material balances (amount of yield, waste, blocked material) for machines, grades, shift categories and intervals or time intervals | Machine time codes evaluations (active time, non-operating times, set up times) for machines, orders, grades, shift date intervals or time intervals | Benchmarking of teams, machines, production areas, plants, production phases | Quality control charts with inspection characteristics of several rolls | WIP-analysis | Shift reporting (qunatity, time) | Production order times | Machine and process data charts | Target/actual-comparison of specifications
  • Shop Floor Data Acquisition +

    COAGO MES provides transparency and contributes significantly in increasing process efficiency. All production times and quantities are recorded. The data is reported in a qualified and differential way to receive a granular insight on the current production status. Customer individual time models can be differentiated in time-types and groups. Machinery stock can be reviewed in real-time through detailed machine and asset analysis. This immediately provides detailed information e.g. of set-up times and downtimes or non-operating times. Material related quantity confirmations are based on customer-specific guidelines and are assorted in groups, e.g. yielded, blocked or so called "rework"-material. Matching specifications are individually administrated in catalogues for the customer. Reasons for rework or other processes are documented in a detailed overview. Advantages of integrated and industry-specific solutions are evident. Blocked rolls for example are immediately visible for Quality Control as soon as they are confirmed and appear in the QC-order-stack. Decisions for further procedures can be made quickly with a minimum loss of time. In addition to production order times all machine and employee-specific times are collected as cost relevant data and are forwarded into the ERP-system. COAGO MES offers: A differentiated view even on unplanned work steps, e.g. reworking in a
  • Machine and Process Data Acquisition +

    Process safety and stability is ensured when mission-critical production processes can be precisely specified and if compliance with these specifications can be tracked through actual data. Therefor reliable machine and process data acquisition is an important key factor. | Mission critical values, e.g. temperatures, pressure or machine speeds, are collected from the system control (PLC) and the process attending system (like black spots detection or gauge measurement) and can be compared to pre-specified target values. | Action control limits for foreseeable irregularities (visualized as a trend) can be pre-defined. This way prompt reaction and countermeasures can be initiated before cost-expensive production failures occur. Additional procedures can be derived of pre-defined action controls, such as blocking a specific role for further use or tagging a role for follow-up QC inspections. | Process data for specific production objects, rolls or formats can be saved for later use. The data provides detailed retraceable information, such as under which conditions a mother role was produced or what slit rolls were converted. The information forwarded to the following rolls ensures retraceable transparency throughout all production steps. All gathered data points are visualized in the MES module COAGO MES diagrams.
  • Specification Management +

    COAGO MES module SPECS enables secure and stable framework conditions for production and provides the basis of process control loops for continuous improvements. | Knowledge is normally concentrated on single employees or teams. With COAGO MES SPECS this knowledge can be made transparent for each and every one. This is an essential step towards progressing into a learning organization. Clearly specified information with easy accessible facts and data from COAGO MES SPECS helps to improve processes. | To ensure that pre-specified standards of machine operating parameters are met, actual data can be called up manually or automatically, e.g. for machine and process data via machine interfaces. Previously specified plans with target values can be determined and provided in context. | Typical applications: Pre-defined machine operating parameters, machine recipes standards | Real time data can be gathered manually or automatically via interfaces | Line cleaning schedules, which have to be signed | Production accompanying checklists, that need to be filled out and confirmed.
  • Quality Management +

    In high sensitive industries, such as food and pharmaceutical, commitment to quality norms and permanent surveillance of tolerances and critical values are substantial criteria for success.The COAGO MES Quality Module works parallel to the process chain and along the value-added process. COAGO MES backs the complete production chain beginning with goods receipt to the first mother or master/jumbo rolls, in further phases to the converting and slitting processes up to the final checkpoint and the packaging of finished goods.The advantage of an integrated MES solution is an easy system-access for its users from any checkpoint or terminal during the production workflow. Blocked rolls are immediately registered and QC has the possibility to either approve or reject further use of the specific rolls after inspection. The inspection checklist is directly linked to an automated authorization checkpoint or by the user himself. Inspection results are collected instantly, timesaving, efficient and with interfaces to the specific inspection equipment. These results are immediately available to all involved personal. - The most important features summarized: Inspection Planning |Planning Administration of inspection characteristics with target values, tolerances, warning and action limits | Dynamic deduction of values like tolerances or limits | Inspection frequency and static procedure operations inspections | Inspection
  • Workflow Management +

    The COAGO MES integrated Workflow Management module, closely linked with Quality Management, provides systematical process control and verification features.Workflow flags are set on production objects to ensure that subsequent processing is applied under specific pre-defined restrictions or that finished products can only be shipped after an explicit QC-approval.Workflow flags can also be assigned event-specific. In this case it serves as security against critical processes and can be used as criteria for selections. - Areas of Application: Surveillance of idle times and expiration dates and notifications of policy violations | QC-approval flags | Review of production objects after recipe changes or specification violations | Rework Management
  • Multidirectional Traceability +

    More than just a tracking tool - COAGO MES CRW is a flexible navigation interface for the complete production process.COAGO MES CRW can set multidirectional batch tracking at any identifiable point in the production. Regardless if it is a mother or custom roll, mixed lot from preproduction, raw material batch from a supplier, pallet with production objects or customer or production order. - Setting the Starting Point: Identification via barcodes or manual entry | Search functions with wildcard-option | Filter options for narrowed down results - Easy and Flexible Navigation: Drag and drop functionality for flexible navigation and change of focus and direction, for instance of mixing processes to the customers roll or from the customer order through all production steps and to the ink batch at the printing press | Drill down for deeper detailed information and navigation into other COAGO MES modules, for instance from a role to all sister rolls or into relevant QC-inspection results - Visualisation: Tree structure | Clear and transparent presentation of material/roll origin and subsequent application | Export and print function | Reduction of work effort for information gathering | Multidirectional batch tracking any single step within the production cycle
  • Logistics & Warehouse Management +

    Administration of WIP- and semi-finished materials | Material inventory and assistance for stock-taking | Synchronisation of semi-finished goods in production with ERP-system | Confirmation of semi finished goods lead to transfer to stock transportation order to remove the material from the machine or workstation | Material requests for supply can be triggered by the machine operator (PULL) | Transportation requests are generated accordingly to material characteristics, reflecting the current requirements of the current production and taking current stock data into consideration | Transport orders are executed and confirmed by a transportation unit, e.g. fork truck with wireless terminal | Pre-definition of to-stock and from-stock strategies into the system | Master Data Management for layout of storage areas and locations as well as for the transportation control system | Management of transportation unit, e.g. pallets or racks for rolls | Management of repacking of rolls/pallets | Assisting of stock-taking with pallet and locaton inventory
  • Maintenance Management +

    Scheduled, preventive and timely executed maintenance ensures that complex machinery equipment is available, works optimal and reliable. Maintenance contributes to reduction of waste and non-operating times.COAGO MES handels complex maintenance lans with the help of the integrated SPECS-modules. Furthermore COAGO MES provides operational infromation delivered over shop floor data output, for instance running meter of gravure cylinder or embossing roller or operational times.Structured and catalogued failure reports can be transferred to 3rd-partys maintenance management systems or ERP-modules. COAGO MES-customers have the possibility to either continue working with already existing systems or lodules for the maintenance magement or to use the integrated modules in COAGO MES.
  • Service Modules +

    Interface Monitoring and Scheduling: GRASS customers rely on transparency in their production process. This is also verified in inter-system communication of leading enterprise IT-systems.With COAGO MES system implementation into all production processes the use of a heterogenic system landscape is obsolete. A multitude of separate interfaces are compiled into one interface with the ERP-system. With the help of sophisticated interface monitoring every interface job can be transparently supervised. Confirmations of the sending or receiving systems are displayed and potentially occurring booking errors are displayed in a clear and comprehensible way. This leads to more transparent, secured and reproducible communication procedures between the ERP-system and MES.Separate interfaces transfer a variety of different data information that requires a flawless scheduling procedure of the production process. With the integrated scheduler all jobs can be planned and scheduled regarding start- and end-date and/or their frequency.Via the DB-control module data bank operations can be handled over a user-friendly user interface.Weighing scales of different types and from different suppliers can be integrated with the COAGO MES scale server and scale client modules.Master data administration modules enable customizing functions without programming. They provide scalability and enable the adaption of new requirements and business developments on basis of
  • Integration & Interfaces +

    COAGO MES is the essential link between the ERP-system and to all relevant production subsystems. Secure, efficient and proven! - COAGO MES – ERP-Integration: Manufacturing Execution Systems are the link between business-focused ERP-systems and local production processes. In order to achieve the desired positive effects, a seamless integration of a MES into a company´s exisiting system environment is required. COAGO MES connects via standardized interface structures into all varieties of established ERP-systems. - COAGO MES – Subsystem Integration: A variety of often heterogeneous sub-systems exist beneath the MES-layer that deliver data to or receive information from the MES. The importance of a MES as an integration-platform for acquiring and processing machine, process or quality data increases with the rate of integration into different subsystems.Via the seamless integration COAGO MES manages and controls other subsystems such as forklift control systems or self-guiding vehicle systems. This way, if the COAGO MES standard feature is not used, third party transport systems are supplied with corresponding transport orders or weighing scales and/or QC-test devices can also be seamlessly integrated into the COAGO MES landscape.
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